My proposed final assignment

Being a chemistry teacher, I want to prepare an interactive visual representation on changes on pH values and colour of indicator in acid-base titrations. Titration is the most important step on quantitative analysis in Chemistry, many S.4 students cannot tackle it very well and do not fully understand the relationship between the changes on colour of indicator and pH values. Through the presentation, I hope students can get deeper understanding on titrations.

Reflection on Session 5

In the session, we have learnt that when preparing an interactive representation, data collection is very important. There are many resources of data or information in the Internet, we should make a proper selection among them. Otherwise, learners may misunderstand the concept or information of the topic.
Multimedia for learning should be designed according to human thinking. Visual and text can take advantage of the full capacity of human for procession of information. That means they can complement each other. Multimedia representations act as cognitive aids to shift learning as information acquisition into knowledge construction.


Shape of a rain drop

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Reflection on Session 4

In the session, we have discussed the topics on Interactive visualization and learning objects. On my teaching, many complex ideas or information are very difficult to present through traditional methods. Many students cannot get the points of some concepts. Through interactive visualization, we can present a lot of information in a small screen space, communicate complex ideas with simpler, creative, efficient and effective visual ways. I hope I can design my own interactive visualization tools to facilitate my teaching. There are six types of learning objects: presentation, practice, simulation, conceptual models, information and contextual representation. They are designed to afford uses in different education contexts. I got some insights through the demonstrated learning objects. Some important but complex concepts can be represented in simpler and interactive ways.


Reflection on Session 3

Being a school teacher, I pay attention to the importance of Copyright and avoiding Plagiarism. Inside the classroom, I always claim that we cannot reproduce other works directly. We should respect others and learn to produce our own high standard works.
In our knowledge world, many free graphics can be obtained from the Internet. Also, we participate on this module in order to grasp the technical skill to produce our own interactive and innovative artifacts.
We have learnt how to use the software Photo story and Windows Movie Maker to produce our digital story in the session. It is very impressive and creative. I attempted to use some family photos to produce digital story movie. My family is very pleased to it. In school, it can motivate my students on some new topics. It can also produce an overview of the whole section.

Digital story

My Digital Story of the introduction of ECA


Task 2 Design a visual Display : The Earth's Atmosphere

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Reflection on Session 2

Our world is dynamic and mutidimensional, simple pictures and texts cannot represent all information that we need in our knowledge-based environment. With the development of high technology, we can use various types of interactive tools to represent our changing and interactive information.
In this session, we have learnt how to make effectives visual display. Some points should be borne in mind. For example, the size of the displays, the location, movement, feeding etc should be considered.